Online Zentangle classes

At a time when our day-to-day lives have been turned upside down, CZTs all over the world are responding by offering online Zentangle classes as a way to keep contact, experience pleasure, and find comfort. We are putting together a list of these special online Zentangle classes. To make them easier for you to find , we have listed them according to language. We hope to keep adding to this list. If you are a CZT who is offering online classes and want to be included, please send a e-mail with your class information and a link to .
In this time of Corona, most of these classes are offered at no cost. However, many CZTs are also offering their normal classes (for a fee) online as well, so please support them if you can – your interest and participation in these is most welcome as well!

All times are in CET (Central European Time) unless noted otherwise.

Zentangle Headquarters

Zentangle HQ has been reaching out during this time through its newsletter, blog, and of course, its wonderful kitchen table tangles. You can find them all at Although they are not technically online classes, we felt that Molly’s voice guided Zentangle lessons are such a beneficial experience during this time, they deserve a special mention.

Voice Guided Zentangle Lesson #1 with Molly on 24.03.2020

Voice Guided Tangle Lesson #2 with Molly on 30.03.2020


Some classes are offered bilingually, so we have listed them under both languages.

Alicia Gutierrez Rey (CET)
Zentangle initiation class, along with creative meditation
every day at 5 pm on via Instagram @mindandtangle
For more info, please visit web page

Annie Talor
online-course on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 pm
via Instagram @annietaylorczt

María Tovar and Mereces Pérez
Zentangle classes every Friday at 11.00 a.m (Madrid, Spain time zone)
Lettering classes every Monday at 11.00 a.m. (Madrid, Spain time zone)
Instagram @elultimotangle
For more info, please visit web page

Oswaldo Burbano
online-course Spanish/English via Instagram on Saturday at 1 pm

Elisabet Hillerud
online-course once a week on Sunday at 12 am
via Instagram @zengoala

Diana von Kaenel (CET)
online free class, Mon – Wed – Fri form 4:30 pm,
on Instagram zentanga_CZT
For more info, please visit web page

Hannah Geddes
free online Zentangle courses on youtube
For more info, please visit web page


Els Bruelemans (CET)
‘Blijf in uw kot’ online Zentangle cursussen
Elke maandag- en donderdagavond om 20u
gratis tijdens Covid-19. Via Zoom
andere gegevens


Diana von Kaenel (CET)
Zentangle Cours Gratuits LU – Me – VE des, 16H30,
sur l’instagram zentanga_CZT
autres détails

Ludivine Schott
Ateliers en ligne en français, le week-end.
Calendrier des prochains ateliers et inscription sur mon site web
Club Croquinotes & Gribouillage pendant la période de confinement


Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb
kostenlose Kinderkurse via Zoom,
wöchentlich, weitere Informationen

Melanie Bartsch
Online-Workshops per Zoom,
alle 2-3 Wochen samstags nachmittags (ca. 2,5 Stunden) .
Teilnahme nur auf Anfrage oder per Email

Christina Heitkötter
Coffee & Tangle Kostenfreies LIVE Tangeln auf Instagram
ca. 60 Minuten, jeden Dienstag und Donnerstag um 15 Uhr
weitere Informationen

Christine Roch – Frau Tine malt
kostenlose Livestreams wöchentlich
weitere Informationen und Anmeldung

Tatjana Beckmann
Gratis-Onlinekurs via Zoom
am Samstag 18.04.20 11:00 – 13:30
weitere Informationen

Iris Heidt
Online-Kurse kostenlos, weitere Informationen
Freitags um 16:30 Uhr via Instagram Livestream, Thema: 30 min Zentangle.
Videos jederzeit verfügbar:

Anna-Maria Meinhardt
kostenfreier Online-Kurs via Zoom, 13.04.2020, 14:30 – 16:00 Uhr
weitere Informationen

Miranda Gerber Schweiz
Livestream via Instagram @tangelwerk
wöchentlich, Mittwoch, den 13. Mai, um 17:00 Uhr, 1 – 2 Stunden
zukünftig Online-Kurse via Zoom
weitere Informationen

Henrike Bratz
wöchentlicher Tangel-Treff per Zoom, montags 19 Uhr (ca. 2 Stunden)
Teilnahme mit Anmeldung per Email an:
Online-Kurse zu verschiedenen Themen
Infos und Termine unter:
Videos zu verschiedenen Themen im Blog unter:

Daniela Middelanis
Livestream via Instagram @middelanis_tangling,
wöchentlich, 1 – 1,5 Stunden, weitere Informationen

Martina Ramhapp, CZT Schweiz
monatlicher Zentangle-Treff am dritten Montag im Monat, ab 19 Uhr
verschiedene weiterführende Online-Kurse
Teilnahme mit Anmeldung per Email an: oder
Infos und Termine unter:

Chinese – HongKong

Henri Chan (GMT+8)
free online class on Facebook on every Saturday and Sunday, 15:30 (GMT+8)
12堂weekend online lesson。


Shie Naritomi CZT Japan (JST)
Shie offers online classes in Japanese, with some explanations in English. Anyone speaks a little “Zentangle” can probably follow along. Visit her page in English which she created just for this purpose for details:
Shieは日本語でのオンライン授業を行っており、一部英語での解説もあります。Zentangle “を少し話せる人なら、誰でもついてくることができるでしょう。詳しくは、このためだけに作った英語のページをご覧ください。


Susanna Anna Redaelli
Introduzione Zentangle Base online gratuito ogni martedì alle 18 sulla mia pagina Facebook ufficiale Tangle Art Milano   #iorestoacasaedisegno
Per ulteriori informazioni si prega di contattare

Laura Rossi Doria
online course 2 x die Woche Livestream
Lezione di prova in diretta 
Instagram @calimerlrd Lunedì e Giovedì ore 16:00


Alicia Gutierrez Rey (CET)
Una clase de iniciación de Zentangle, junto con una meditación
Todos los días: 5 pm en Instagram @mindandtangle
Para más información, visite nuestra página web

Elisabet Hillerud
online-course once a week on sunday at 12 am
via Instagram @zengoala

María Tovar and Mereces Pérez
Clases de Zentangle todos los viernes a las 11.00 h (hora de España)
Classes de lettering los lunes a las 11.00h (hora de España)
Instagram @elultimotangle
Para más información, visite nuestra página web

Oswaldo Burbano
online-course Spanish/English via Instagram on Saturday at 1 pm


Anita Westin
Jag sänder live från min FB-sida: AnitaWestinCZT.
Under Coronakrisen ger jag gratis livelektioner på svenska c:a 1 gång per vecka. Närmare info samt kontaktmöjligheter finns på min sida.

Elisabet Hillerud
online-course once a week on Sunday at 12 am
via Instagram @zengoala