Welcome CZTs from CZT-Europe #3 !

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Welcome CZTs from CZT-Europe #3 !

The third European CZT Seminar from October 2 – 5 in Frankfurt was a unique seminar. It was originally planned for April 2020 – and then came the corona crisis and the worldwide lockdown. As a result, we had a lot of attendees in October who had been waiting to be certified for quite a long time. But we also had attendees who joined us quite recently. Because corona regulations continued to make it difficult to enter Germany from some regions abroad, there were still some seats to be had at short notice.

But whether they had been longing for this day for some time, or had seized the opportunity at the last minute – everyone was overjoyed to be there. And so were we!

We are especially pleased that Luxembourg now has its first CZT ever! In total, eight countries were represented at Seminar – Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy.

We are happy to show you some photos that reflect the seminar in its varied aspects. All those who have attended this or any other CZT seminar are sure to have fond memories. And those who have not yet attended seminar can gather some impressions.

During Seminar there a times of focus and concentrated tangling.

But of course there are also relaxed breaks for refueling and chatting .

Laughter, fun, lightheartedness (even a bit of silliness) – these are also important aspects of Seminar.

A special feature of this seminar were the masks that we all tangled ourselves !

Group picture with our tangled masks

Although Rick and Maria were not able to come to this seminar in person, they paid us a short visit via Zoom. It was a great surprise and a wonderful moment for all seminar attendees.

This seminar under unique circumstances was a challenge for us to plan and many attendees also had to overcome significant hurdles in order to take part. But it was worth it. We spent four wonderful days together, and now the world has 40 new inspired CZTs, ready to bring Zentangle into the world in their own unique ways. We warmly congratulate each one of them, and are looking forward to all that is to come.

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MyriamPosted on12:53 am - Oct 14, 2020

Buenas tardes!! Siempre estoy atenta a los seminarios!! Vivo en Argentina y es mi mayor deseo poder realizarlo de manera virtual en Español.
Espero que esto sea posible en algún momento. Zentangle me acompaña hace muchos años y quiero ser CZT.
Un gran abrazo y gracias por incluirme al Newsletter!!

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