How it all began …

Who is Conzentric? We are enthusiastic and experienced CZTs who met each other in 2015 and became good friends through our many overlapping adventures within the Zentangle world. So in January 2018, when the three of us visited the “Paperworld Creative” Fair in Frankfurt, it gave us a spark of inspiration: we could – and should – organize the CZT seminars in Europe! We put together a proposal and sent it to Zentangle, not sure what to expect. The very next day, we got an enthusiastic email in reply. Rick and Maria wrote that they had wanted to do more in Europe and greeted our initiative as a great way to keep Zentangle growing on this side of the Atlantic. At this point things happened very quickly.

Despite already being CZTs, we attended two back-to-back CZT seminars in June 2018, knowing that very soon we would likely be hosting a similar event in Europe. We also got to know Rick and Maria and their family better. We spent time in their home, which is also the home of Zentangle, but it wasn’t all business. It was important to them and us that we connected personally, too. We discussed bees (yep!), gardening, and philosophy, while enjoying homemade Hollibaugh Brew and delicious home cooking. We left feeling even more motivated by a desire to establish the Zentangle Method in Europe as an enduring art form with all the benefits of relaxation, pleasure, and well-being it brings with it.

The Conzentric Team

Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb has authored two books on Zentangle: an introductory book, “Zentangle für jede Gelegenheit” (Zentangle for Every Occasion) and a book she co-authored with a teacher called “Entspannung mit Stift und Papier” (Relaxing with Pen and Paper). Her online shop “” supplies tanglers with everything they want and need. With two children, cats, a dog, a husband, her online-shop, and weekly workshops, Katharina has ample opportunity every day to practise the effectiveness of relaxing with Zentangle.

Ela Rieger is known in the Zentangle world – among other things – for “ElaToRium”, her website where she has been posting a daily Zentangle challenge for over 3 years. The daily challenge led to the creation of “Patternsource”, a huge pattern and step-out database that can be searched according to designer and pattern type. Ela also maintains a CZT-finder for Europe on her website. She is a founding member of the Burnout Prevention Team. When tangling, Ela gets a lot of support from her cat, who tenderly sits on her work like a hen hatching eggs, and always reorganizes her pens for her under the table.

Jennifer Hohensteiner is from the United States, but has lived in Germany since 1990. She discovered Zentangle in 2013 and becoming a CZT was her present to herself when she turned 50 in 2015. She teaches regular workshops to a group of loyal students who, like her, cannot seem to get enough of Zentangle. Besides tangling, Jennifer paints, draws, and writes stories and poems. She also loves to sing – but her family seems to prefer it when she tangles.