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Jennifer HohensteinerByJennifer Hohensteiner

Do you totally love to tangle? Become a CZT!

You love to tangle – but is this enough of a reason to become a CZT? Yes, it is! We’ve put together four qestions. If you can answer one or more of these questions with yes, we heartily encourage you to attend CZT seminar and become a CZT.

Do you love to tangle?

I know I’m repeating myself – but this is the foundation. Because if you love to tangle, you will love the seminar experience and you will love being a CZT – even if you’re not sure you want to teach. Your tangling will be set on a solid foundation, and your inspiration will be given wings. As a CZT, opportunities to network and share inspiration with other CZTs both virtually and (one day soon we hope!) in real life will continue to enrich your tangling and the joy you get from it.

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Ela RiegerByEla Rieger

The circle is coming to a close for CZT-Europe #1

It seems like it was just yesterday when, at the end of November last year, we opened our 2019 CZT-Europe seminars for registration. The weeks since then have really flown by, and registrations for our seminars have been coming in at a steady pace. If you are still thinking about attending, we want to let you know: there aren’t that many slots available for CZT-Europe Seminar #1 in May.

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Jennifer HohensteinerByJennifer Hohensteiner

Conzentric Meeting at Ammersee

For Conzentric’s first business meeting in 2019, Ela and I travelled to Ammersee an Dießen, where Katharina lives. Katharina lives near Munich, Ela near Stuttgart and I live near Frankfurt, so we take turns hosting our monthly meetings at one of our homes. As I made my way south, the snow on the ground kept getting deeper. When I got off the train in Dießen, it was snowing, a phenomenon we haven’t seen in Frankfurt for a year and half.

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Katharina KönigsbauerByKatharina Königsbauer-Kolb

Here we go: CZT-Europe starts now!

Have you read the Zentangle newsletter already? We are so excited, because it was officially announced today: 
There will be two CZT seminars in Frankfurt am Main in 2019: 
CZT-Europe #1  May 9-12 2019 
CZT-Europe #2  November 27-30 2019 

We worked hard for this day – took long trips, had countless Skype conferences and more than a few short nights – all to make these seminars happen and make sure they will be great.  

And now here we are :
The seminars are open for registration on our website, the hotel has been reserved, and our Microns are out of ink. The only thing left is for you to sign up!

In addition to the CZT seminars, there will also be a special day just for CZTs: 
CZT Day am 1. Dezember 2019 
This special day isn’t open for registration yet, because we still have to fine tune the program with Rick, Maria, Molly and Martha. But we will keep you up to date on developments through our newsletter and social media – so keep in touch!