CZT Seminars

Become a Certified Zentangle Teacher in Europe

“How can I become a CZT?” We hear this a lot from enthusiastic people who attend our Zentangle workshops in Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. Until recently the answer has been that you have to travel to the US and attend the CZT seminar program in Providence.

Now the Conzentric Team is bringing CZT training to Europe. For the very first time, you can complete the training to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) in Europe.

From the very beginning, Zentangle founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas have wanted to make CZT training available to more people, in more languages, and in more parts of the world – and now they have!

What CZT training in Europe looks like

After a successful start with two fully booked seminars in 2019, we are again offering two bilingual seminars in 2020. The seminars will be taught in German by Ela, Jennifer and Katharina with simultaneous translation into English.

The schedule, the lesson plan, materials and handouts will be exactly the same as the CZT seminars in Providence…

….and the fascination, magic and fun will also be the same!

Our April seminar could not take place due to the corona crisis. This means the number of our seminar in October has been changed from #4 to #3. We really hope this seminar will be able to take place.

CZT-EU Seminar #3 in Hotel Le Méridien

Hotel Le Méridien combines the best of old and new. Behind its beautiful traditional façade is a surprisingly modern interior that creates an elegant fusion between stately Art Nouveau architecture and a stylish ambience. The rooms are stylish, refined, historic and modern all at the same time.

With its spacious seminar room, delicious meals and excellent service, it provides a wonderful setting for our seminar.

But we didn’t just choose this new seminar location for its ambience – it also has an ideal location. Le Méridian is located centrally between the Central Train Station and the banks of the Main River. If you arrive by train, you only need to plan 5 minutes to walk to the hotel.

Seminar schedule in detail

When you arrive on the first day of seminar, you can check in with Conzentric starting at 2 pm. The Tanglekunst Shop will also open at 2 pm, so you can browse, chat with other tanglers, and get inspired. Or just relax in the charming hotel lobby with coffee, tea and baked goods.

Our first class begins at 4:00 pm so please plan your travel accordingly: this class in an integral part of the program.

We’ll end the day with dinner and socializing.

The next three days are dedicated to focused class time from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Ample breaks are planned throughout the day to keep us all refreshed and motivated.
There will be a surprise mix of speakers, entertainment and classes in the evenings and, though technically optional, you will not want to miss them! Throughout seminar, inspiring conversations are occurring and magical alliances are forming. You will meet and make friends with wonderful people from all around Europe and the world.

Towards the end of our fourth day we will conclude with a wide-ranging Q&A and tangle instructions that ties it all together, and the certificates will be handed out.

Jennifer, Ela and Katharina teach the seminars.

We will have artwork set up in the lobby and seminar room and invite you to bring your own work as well. Bring your favorite Zentangle tiles and Zentangle Inspired Art to share in the “Student Gallery” – we would love it!

Here the Tanglekunst shop will also offer many Zentangle products and more for sale – and you as a CZT-to-be will get a special CZT price on many products.

If you want to extend your stay to absorb and bask in the week’s events with your fellow CZTs, we encourage you to make those extra night accommodation arrangements early. Instructions will follow in your welcome email. Hotel Monopol as well as Le Méridien are located right across the Main River from Frankfurt’s famous “Museum Embankment”, and there are many other sights nearby.

Dates for upcoming CZT-Europe seminars:

Our 2021 planning has been delayed due to the corona crisis. We will provide more information as soon as possible.


The Zentangle Method and the Certified Zentangle Teacher Seminars should be accessible to as many people as possible. Together with Zentangle, Inc., we have created a partial scholarship for the 2020 CZT-Europe seminars.
The applications for 2020 are complete. As soon as it is possible to apply for a scholarship again, we will announce it here and in our newsletter.

How the CZT concept came about

Zentangle founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas came up with the CZT concept when Zentangle was still very new. While teaching at schools, art clubs, businesses and peoples’ homes, they met people who understood the Zentangle Method’s potential and had a passion to share it with others in their own field of interest and expertise. Rick and Maria realized others could take the Zentangle insights and discoveries and translate them into completely new areas, beyond those Rick and Maria were familiar with. The CZT program was developed in order for this to happen in the best way possible.

Whether you want to use this training for your personal development, to explore Zentangle’s meditative and relaxing aspects, for artistic inspiration, or to earn additional income as a CZT, this seminar will provide you with the foundation and tools you will need. Rick and Maria created the CZT training program so you could understand the basics and the depth of the Zentangle Method, and so you could convey the full Zentangle experience to others.

Often people see the simplicity of the Zentangle art form and assume it is easy to teach. However, there is much more to the Zentangle teaching method than drawing cool tangles. There are reasons and techniques; philosophies and principles for every aspect of the method. Once you learn these you can then serve your students well and answer their questions and concerns.

Here are two lists of what we can and can’t provide at CZT training:

We can’t:

  • Guarantee you’ll make money . . . even colleges and universities will not guarantee that.
  • Teach you how to run a business or handle your taxes . . . it’s beyond the scope of our seminar.
  • Assign territories . . . people move and there are so many applications for teaching the Zentangle Method within any one area: Schools, businesses, clubs, health care, etc.
  • Promise that a non-CZT won’t offer competing classes . . . While we vigorously pursue trademark and copyright infringement, and even though our teaching method has a patent pending, we can only act within established legal frameworks and within our financial and time resources. We prefer to emphasize education of the market place and to provide students with the very best Zentangle experience possible. This is paying great benefits as people and organizations increasingly value the instructions and classes taught by a CZT over people who are not trained by us. Once you are a CZT- use that title to set yourself apart. Shout it from the rooftops!

We can:

  • Provide you with tools and resources to create a thriving Zentangle business. More and more people are teaching Zentangle workshops as an important source of income. 
  • Provide a wonderful experience at seminar. Many people come (and come back!) for the camaraderie and immersion in an atmosphere of Zentangle creativity, inspiration and friendship.
  • Provide an ongoing system of support and inspiration through newsletters, the Zentangle CZT Resource center, the Zentangle Mosaic App, and through an invitation-only Yahoo! chat group facilitating a network with each other.
  • Provide a listing for students to find you on editable pages on CZT-Finder global as well with the CZT-Finder EU to all CZTs in good standing. 
  • Offer most of Zentangle products to you at wholesale prices through the Tanglekunst-Shop online shop.
  • Ensure you that Zentangle makes every effort to make all of their strategic decisions around how it will support and impact CZTs.
  • Provide advance notice and availability of new products to CZTs
  • Invite you to join us in this wonderful exciting adventure.

We continually hear wonderful stories of gratitude from people who have found a CZT through the Zentangle website and it has changed (or saved) their lives. The gratitude that you can experience in teaching the Zentangle method has become a major focus in many CZTs’ lives . . . it is a source of joy, focus and income.

You will become a part of the large Zentangle family that makes Zentangle magic happen. You will meet fellow students and develop relationships that last a lifetime. You will be part of a new exploration into creativity and personal enrichment that is just starting to grow.
You will be a Certified Zentangle Teacher.