New scholarships for seminar #2 and the 2020 seminars

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New scholarships for seminar #2 and the 2020 seminars

Full scholarship for CZT-EU #2 from Sakura Europe

We are thrilled that pen manufacturer Sakura Europe, represented by Royal Talens, has decided to award a full scholarship for CZT-Europe Seminar #2 covering all seminar costs including loddging in a single room (does not include travel costs).  Here you can find all informations and the application form for this scholarship. Follow Sakura Europe on Instagram and Facebook to get the most up-to-date information.

Scholarship for CZT-EU Seminars in 2020

We are also very pleased to be offering a partial scholarship for the CZT-EU Seminars in 2020 as well. We hope that by offering a reduction in the seminar fee we can make it easier for one or more individuals to attend the seminar in 2020. Get more information about this scholarship. 

Inspired by the Zentangle Foundation and its support of offering scholarships to attend CZT training, we will be offering scholarships again for our CZT-Europe seminars in 2020. In collaboration with Zentangle, Inc. we will offer at least one partial scholarship for our seminars in 2020 to cover a portion of the seminar fees. . CZT-EU #3 will take place on April 16-19, 2020; the date for CZT-EU #4 hasn’t been set yet.

On this site you will find complete information about the scholarship. Please download the application there, fill it out, and send it back to us. Please take note of the application deadlines. 

Application is due by January 23, 2020.

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