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Step-out of the month

Join us for Step-Out of the Month

There is a such an abundance of fun and beautiful tangles in the Zentangle world. So why is it that when I sit down for my morning tangling, my mind sometimes just goes blank, and I can't think of a single tangle?! I've mentioned this to other tanglers, and I know I'm not alone.  

This is surely one reason why classes, challenges, project packs, and tutorial vidoes are so popular. Nothing overcomes a blank mind like a prompt. And it's even better if you have a group to share your results with.

In this spirit, we are excited to introduce a new monthly prompt: The Step-out of the Month.  Like the title says, we will feature a new tangle each month. And when we say "new tangle" we mean that the step-out has not been published anywhere else yet. You don't have to remember to look it up, or go find it on social media, either: the Step-out of the Month will come to you. Just sign up for the newsletter.

Sign up for step-out of the month:

Of course we want to see what you do with the new tangle, so we have created a Step-out of the Month Facebook Group.  You'll get the link with the step-out, along with hashtags to use when posting on the Mosaic App, Instagram, or your own Facebook page.