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Rise up CZTs - Fundraising Online Workshop 2024

Rise up to support new CZTs in a fundraising workshop taught by Anica Gabrovec

Monday, July 1, 2024
7:00 pm CEST

Following on from the success of last years fundraising event, we are hosting another workshop to support an applicant for CZT-EU#8 seminar.

Medeja Mrgole contacted us asking if we can support her Aunt Ana from Slovenia, a recently retired school principle, with the cost of the CZT-EU#8 seminar. We felt that Ana's story was commendable and asked Anica Gabrovec if she would be interested to teach again to raise money to go towards Ana's Zentangle Teacher Training fee.

Anica was touched by Ana's story (you can read more below) and has prepared a beautiful tile that we tangle together. We do hope you will attend and come united as a community to positively influence each others lives.

Booking information

Tickets for the workshop can be purchased below and you are able to select the amount you wish to donate to support this inititive.

If you are unable to attend the online live workshop on the 1st July, you can still take part! We will send out a recording, which will be available for one month following the event.

Please note that the seminar will take place at 19:00 in the Central European Summer Time zone - CEST. You can check your local time here:

Booking confirmation

After booking, you will receive a confirmation email from containing all the information you need to take part in the workshop, as well as the Zoom link.

You will also receive an invoice for your ticket. Since we are a for-profit organization, your contribution does not qualify as a donation for tax purposes. But if you have a Zentangle-related freelance or other business, your ticket fee may qualify as a business expense.

Here is a list of the Materials Anica will use in the workshop:
  • Zentangle Renaissance tile
  • Black Micron PN or 01
  • Brown Micron 01
  • General’s Pastel Van Dyke Brown Pencil 
  • White Gelly Roll 10 
  • Graphite Pencil 
  • General’s Charcoal white 
  • Blending Stumps 

Thank you for all your previous support!

Last year Conzentric and Anica Gabrovec hosted a special workshop to raise funds for Maret de Beer from South Africa to make her dreams come true and attend the CZT-EU #7 Seminar. The generosity of the tangling community was phenomenal and €3,675.74 was donated. There has also been further fundraising of €671 at the CZT Days in Munich.  

The donated funds currently stand at €2922.46; this money was intended to enable schoolteachers in remote villages in the Bolivian rain forests to become CZTs and teach the Zentangle method in their schools, supported by Lucia DeFranco, CZTEU3. Unfortunately, at this moment in time the area has been impacted by flooding and there has been much damage, so this project is currently on hold and will not happen for CZT-EU#8 Seminar. 

Therefore, the remaining money has been rounded up to €3000 by Conzentric and will be shared amongst 6 very deserving Tanglers, who are experiencing financial hardship and need support for their application fee for CZT-EU #8 Seminar.

They are Monica Cotul from Romania, Anita Davis and Christin Hartung from Germany, Cynthia Galand from Reunion Island, Kerstin Büring from Switzerland, and Khan Phuong Hoang from Vietnam.  

Conzentric are also offering several more partial scholarships to support applicants in need. 

A mosaic from the Seed of Solidarity Fundrasing class
Anica Gabrovec will teach the fundraising class

The story of Ana Nuša Kern

There was one special applicant that we felt was deserving of more support. We received an email from Medeja Mrgole asking if we could help fund her warmhearted and generous aunt Ana to become a CZT.  

Ana Nuša Kern from Slovenia, has recently retired from her career as a much loved and highly respected school Principal. Ana gave her all to the school and pioneered the integration of ‘Choice Theory’ in her school and was the only principle to do so in the Slovenien school system. Ana showed strength, patience, and resilience in supporting the children and teachers within her school. However the challenging time came for Ana to retire, this was daunting and sad event for all.  

Ana was well prepared for the stressful and life changing moment, through her ‘self-taught’ love of Zentangle. She used the Zentangle method to find peace and calm. She created many beautiful drawings and was able to exhibit them in the school. She then gifted her tangled creations to the teachers and workers in the school. 

Now, with the new reality of retirement Ana would like to use her time to share her passion and love for Zentangle with others by becoming a CZT, the first in Slovenia! However, the cost of the seminar is prohibitive, so Ana’s niece wrote to see if Conzentric could help to provide the ultimate gift for her compassionate aunt. 

Therefore, we are asking you for your support and hope you can join us on the 1st July at 19:00 CET.

Ana Nuša Kern in her school in Slovenia