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CZT-EU Seminar #7

Online Seminar from October 19 - 22, 2023

Languages: German · English · Spanish · French

You can read this page in Spanish and French: select language using the menu (flag symbol) in the upper right corner of this screen.

We invite Zentangle enthusiasts from near and far to join us for our seventh European CZT® training seminar. We look forward to again offering a virtual seminar experience, and welcoming you from the comfort of your own home.

This four-day Zentangle Teacher Certification program will be taught by Katharina, Jennifer and guest teachers. The schedule, the lesson plan, materials and handouts will be exactly the same as the CZT seminars taught by Zentangle founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. The seminar is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the philosophies behind the Zentangle® Method of drawing. You will finish with all the knowledge you need to teach the Zentangle Method and the tools needed to convey the full Zentangle experience to your students. As a CZT, you will enjoy continued support and inspiration from Conzentric, Zentangle Inc. and from our worldwide CZT network.

We are thrilled to announce that Rick and Maria will also join us remotely to teach a session!

And as our previous online seminars have shown – the fun, fascination and magic can reach through your computer screen to where you are sitting.

Registration deadlines

International registration deadline: August 18, 2023
Registration deadline for Europe: September 15, 2023
Registration deadline for Germany: September 29, 2023

Once the deadline for your country or region has expired (see above), registration may be still be possible with an additional fee of 25 € for express delivery of the Seminar Supply Kit. Please contact us prior to booking in this case.

Please note that the seminar may close earlier if the seminar is fully booked at an earlier date.

German and English - our standard languages

These are our two main languages, and the entire seminar, all seminar documents and seminar communication will be available in both English and German.

The seminar itself will be taught mostly in German and translated simultaneously into English. Our international guest teachers teach in English and will be translated simultaneously into German.

Our fantastic German-English translators, Liz and Herbert, have been with us since our very first CZT-Europe seminar.

Spanish and French language support and translation

It is our desire to again offer French and Spanish language support for this seminar, ideally in the form of simultaneous translations. We offer French and Spanish support at no additional cost, but we require a minimum number of attendees from these language groups in order to be able to provide this service.

If you are interested in French or Spanish language support, please register for these languages as soon as possible! Once we have reached the minimum number of registrations, we will provide language support as follows:

At least 5 attendees: language support
A knowledgeable CZT will accompany French / Spanish speaking attendees during the seminar. Regular Zoom meetings will be scheduled for these groups in order to review sessions and answer questions. Please note: If less than five people sign up for your language group, you will have the option of canceling your registration and receiving a full refund of the registration fee.

At least 12 attendees: simultaneous translation
Once we have at least 12 people signed up for French or Spanish, the seminar will be translated simultaneously into that language.

Spanish support / translation will be provided by Maria Tovar and Oswaldo Burbano .

French support / translation will be provided by Juliette Fiessinger and Christelle Mendelssohn.

Regardless of the language support offered during seminar, a Spanish and French translation of the seminar presentation will be available to French and Spanish attendees, and the seminar notes will also be available after the seminar in French and Spanish.

Please note:
In the unlikely event that the French or Spanish simultaneous translations cannot be carried out as planned at the last minute due to illness or is seriously disrupted due to technical issues, we will arrange for follow-up sessions after the seminar. An unforeseeable and last-minute inability to carry out the translation does not entitle attendees to cancel their participation.

Online seminar schedule

This live event will follow roughly the same seminar schedule-timeline as our in-person CZT seminars, culminating in a celebratory completion and certification.

Once you have registered, we will provide more detailed information about the technical requirements. But basically, all you need is an internet connection and an end device.

You will receive a detailed schedule in your seminar supply kit. But here are a few important dates and times to help you plan. Please note that the seminar will take place in the Central European time zone and that there may be some small changes:

Thursday, October 19, 20223

1:00 pm: Virtual lobby opens – Tech Check

2:00 – 6:00 pm: Opening classes

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 20-22, 2023

10:00 am – 6:00 pm – with plenty of breaks for meals and refreshments

Seminar fee

The seminar fee is per person and includes seminar participation and all required Zentangle material. You will receive a carefully assembled box of supplies, the seminar supply kit, with a corresponding checklist of supplies you will need for each class session to prepare for a seamless, online seminar experience. Please be aware that additional tax, customs, or service fees may be charged by customs authorities and shipping providers on shipments outside the EU, and that we are unable to cover these costs.

The price is the same for all participants regardless of whether a simultaneous translation is provided.

Early-bird online seminar fee: 1,645 €** - applies through April 30, 2023

Regular online seminar fee: 1,745 €** - from May 1, 2023

**No disclosure of the VAT according to § 4 No. 21 a) bb) UStG.


We are delighted to be offering a partial scholarship to attend this seminar. By offering a reduced seminar price, we hope to make it easier for one or more individuals to attend our CZT-Europe seminar.

The submission deadline for CZT-EU #7 is March 31, 2023

Apply for a scholarship here

Registration process and payment

You will be asked to pay a €250 registration fee via Paypal or credit card to complete the registration process.

This remaining balance is due 30 days after the invoice is issued. Payment in installments is possible in individual cases. If you register less than 12 weeks before seminar, the remaining balance is due immediately. The remaining balance should be paid by bank transfer. You will find our bank details on your invoice.

Before you register, please also read the general information on the CZT seminar page, especially what we can and cannot promise.

The minimum number of participants for this seminar is 60.


If you cancel your attendance, the € 250 registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you have already been sent and received your seminar supply kit, these supplies are non-returnable and would be yours to keep. Please see our General Terms & Conditions for further details about cancellation.

Registering for the CZT-EU #7 Online Seminar

The button below will take you to the online registration form.

The language on the registration form can be selected on the upper right (see screenshot).