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Become a Certified Zentangle Teacher with Conzentric

A Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) is someone who has been certified to teach the Zentangle method of drawing during a four-day Zentangle Teacher Training seminar. Conzentric is the authorized partner of Zentangle, Inc. to provide CZT training seminars in Europe. These seminars will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the Zentangle method and its benefits, the philosophy behind it, and how to teach it to others.
Conzentric has the authorization from the founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas to carry out these seminars in Europe.

Whether you want to use this training for your personal development, to explore Zentangle’s meditative and relaxing aspects, for artistic inspiration, or to earn additional income as a CZT, this seminar will provide you with the foundation and tools you will need. Rick and Maria created the CZT training program so you could understand the basics and the depth of the Zentangle Method, and so you could convey the full Zentangle experience to others.

Often people see the simplicity of the Zentangle art form and assume it is easy to teach. However, there is much more to the Zentangle teaching method than drawing cool tangles. There are reasons and techniques; philosophies and principles for every aspect of the method. Once you learn these you can then serve your students well and answer their questions and concerns.

Also see this blogpost about becoming CZT.

Here are two lists of what we can and can’t provide at CZT training:

We can’t:

  • Guarantee you’ll make money . . . even colleges and universities will not guarantee that.

  • Teach you how to run a business or handle your taxes . . . it’s beyond the scope of our seminar.

  • Assign territories . . . people move and there are so many applications for teaching the Zentangle Method within any one area: Schools, businesses, clubs, health care, etc.

  • Promise that a non-CZT won’t offer competing classes . . . While we vigorously pursue trademark and copyright infringement, and even though our teaching method has a patent pending, we can only act within established legal frameworks and within our financial and time resources. We prefer to emphasize education of the market place and to provide students with the very best Zentangle experience possible. This is paying great benefits as people and organizations increasingly value the instructions and classes taught by a CZT over people who are not trained by us. Once you are a CZT- use that title to set yourself apart. Shout it from the rooftops!

We can:

  • Provide you with tools and resources to create a thriving Zentangle business. More and more people are teaching Zentangle workshops as an important source of income.

  • Provide a wonderful experience at seminar. Many people come (and come back!) for the camaraderie and immersion in an atmosphere of Zentangle creativity, inspiration and friendship.

  • Provide an ongoing system of support and inspiration through newsletters, the Zentangle and conzentric CZT ressource center, the Zentangle Mosaic App, and through an invitation-only Yahoo! chat group facilitating a network with each other.

  • Provide a listing for students to find you on editable pages on CZT-Finder global as well with the CZT-Finder EU to all CZTs in good standing. 

  • Offer most of Zentangle products to you at wholesale prices through the Tanglekunst-Shop online shop.

  • Ensure you that Zentangle makes every effort to make all of their strategic decisions around how it will support and impact CZTs.

  • Provide advance notice and availability of new products to CZTs

  • Invite you to join us in this wonderful exciting adventure.

We continually hear wonderful stories of gratitude from people who have found a CZT through the Zentangle website and it has changed (or saved) their lives. The gratitude that you can experience in teaching the Zentangle method has become a major focus in many CZTs’ lives . . . it is a source of joy, focus and income.

You will become a part of the large Zentangle family that makes Zentangle magic happen. You will meet fellow students and develop relationships that last a lifetime. You will be part of a new exploration into creativity and personal enrichment that is just starting to grow.
You will be a Certified Zentangle Teacher.