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Zentangle Project Pack #04 – Day 0 Preparation with subtitles in English and German

by Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb, 01. December 2019

“Twelve Days of Zentangle” is an annual Zentangle holiday tradition of sending out a newsletter on 12 consecutive days. This year, “12 Days of Zentangle” coincides with Project Pack #04 and the corresponding videos series.

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Beginning on December 2, a new video will be posted every day, and you can follow along with Project Pack #04.

Conzentric has added German and English subtitles to this video for you.

This year, there is even an extra video, because this video shows the preparation for Project Pack #04, and so it doesn’t count as one of the twelve. In this preparation video, Day 0, you can get your spinner ready for the next twelve days of tangling!

Project Pack #04 is includes all the tangling supplies you need to tangle along with Zentangle as they create a playful project they call the Zenangle Spinner. This tangled masterpiece will display a variety of your favorite tangles and is a fun way to choose what tangle to use next when creating with the Zentangle Method. This project includes a custom made template designed by Zentangle HQ and the mechanical parts to make it come alive. Enjoy following along the multiple mini-video tutorials using your Project Pack #04 supplies, as you are guided through how to complete the Zentangle Spinner and how to make it a playful addition to your practice. This Project Pack will focus on taking individual tangles, fragments and borders to create a fun, interactive work of art. 

You can purchase your Project Pack #04 at the Tanglekunst Shop .

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