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With the worldwide Zentangle family at ZenAgainAsia 2019

by Jennifer Hohensteiner, 20. October 2019

Ela and I had the good fortune to travel to ZenAgain Asia in Taipei at the beginning of October. For four days, we tangled together with Rick and Maria, the Created with Love TEam, and over 70 CZTs from Asia.

I don’t think I have tangled that long at one stretch since my first CZT Seminar in 2015 in Providence. And it was the same, wonderful atmosphere of like-minded people – passionate tanglers who like us were delighted and inspired by four days of creativity and tangling. The eager conversations, openness and goodwill that we encountered throughout the event also reminded me of the seminars in Providence.

For me and Ela, of course, the fact that we were in Taipei gave the whole thing a special flair . Neither of us had ever thought we would travel to this part of the world, but there we were. It was very exciting to be in Taipei and get a taste of the city and its culture – such as the food, the sound of the language, the writing, a beautiful temple and a night market.

We were also delighted by the Asian cultural elements that were integrated into the classes. For example, our first tile was the Chinese word for “heart” which we embedded and then decorated with a gorgeous red tassel. Ancient Chinese pictographs, a famous stone garden in Japan, a Chinese fan, old Chinese coins – these and other elements served as inspiration or actual components of our tangling. So although there was much that was familiar, there were also new and very lovely aspects.

I cannot overstate what excellent hosts and organizers Created With Love were! Every detail was artfully presented, the classes and the supporting program were carried out with love and professionalism – and we also had a lot of fun ! Besides Rick and Maria, Ela and I were the only attendees who weren’t from Asia. But since all the documents were printed in Chinese and English, and the classes simultaneously translated, we were able to follow everything perfectly.

I assume there will be another ZenAgain Asia in the future. Maybe next time, more Europeans will attend! For me and Ela, it was definitely one of the year’s highlights.

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