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Welcome, new CZTs from CZT-Europe #2!

by Jennifer Hohensteiner, 08. December 2019

We are delighted to welcome the new CZTs from the second CZT-Europe seminar to our worldwide Zentangle family! Seventy attendees from Europe and the world completed the seminar on November 30, and have returned home with fresh inspiration and their CZT certificates to apply what they learned in all kinds of different ways.

This map shows the countries that were represented in the first two CZT-Europe seminar

Katharina, Ela and I once again greeted attendees from across Europe and in fact the whole world. There are even five new countries that have CZTs for the first time following this seminar: Iceland (Borghildur Josuadottir), Portugal (Joana Santos), Indonesia (Hazuki Yamashita), Romania (Georgeta Caspruf), und Greece (Margaretha Tuft)!

We were impressed with the energy, appreciation and joy all attendees brought to the Zentangle Method. In addition to the tangles, techniques, and fun the three days were often quite moving and inspiring. Rick, Maria, Molly and Martha joined us on the last day, taught classes and spent time talking to as many attendees as they could. It was the perfect conclusion to this seminar, and everyone was thrilled.

It was such a treat to have Rick, Maria, Molly & Martha at CZT-Europe Seminar #2

Our attendees filled the student gallery with their works of art – beautiful Zentangle-inspired art and tangled objects. Footwear is a definite favorite for tangling. We also really loved the frame with tiles fastened to a string by miniature clothespins. It wasn’t just a cute display, it was a tile exchange: “leave a tile, take a tile”!

Some impressions from the student gallery

New tangle: Elmu

Versatile and so lovely

Ela discovered the star-like pattern “Elmu” while preparing a Zendala for the CZT Seminar. She was fascinated by the overlapping triangles that appeared the middle section after she connected some of the tips of the prestrung string with a curved line.

Elmu’s originated in this pre-strung Zendala

There are two variations of “Elmu” (Elas Muster = Ela’s pattern): one is the the overlapping triangles in their pure form, the other is a clever play with radiating lines. We tangled this second variation on black tiles during seminar. You can see the stepout for both variations below:

Give it a try! It is perfect for the holiday season (but not just the holiday season of course!). Below are a few more ideas for playing with Elmu. We would love to see what you do with it.

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