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Step-out of the month for November 2023: Blap

by Jennifer Hohensteiner, 01. December 2023

The step-out for November 2023 is Blap, a tangle deconstructed by Jem Miller.

We are sure you will enjoy the Blap, Step-out of the Month for November 2023. Blap was deconstructed by UK tangler Jem Miller, also known as "The Ragged Ray". Below, Jem introduces herself and shares the origins of Blap. I also warmly recommend paying a visit to Jem's blog, which never fails to inspire me with its beautiful artwork and abundance of creative ideas:

Now here is Jem in her own words:

"I'm a self-taught tangler, who's been enjoying this small scale art form for 10 years. I live on the south coast of the UK but feel connected to all corners of the world thanks to Zentangle. I regularly have ideas for new tangles, but am lazy about drawing step-outs, so they rarely see the light of day!

Blap first came to light around Christmas 2018. It began as a simple ribbon tangle – an idea scribbled on a scrap of paper and tucked away. I named it Blap because it had been a difficult Christmas due to a back injury, and things hadn't turned out quite as I'd hoped – best laid plans and all that! Best Laid Plans = B La P.

When I rediscovered the scrap of paper recently I noticed how Blap's potential could be extended if I considered one section and used it almost like a fragment. From there it's easy to adapt it to a grid tangle, or a circular design as I've shown in my examples.

Drawn entirely using C curves it clearly shares DNA with tangles like Zenith, Goldhan and Double Double and no doubt others.

My top tip is to always draw the inset curved V shape first, as it's far easier to fit the next parallel V inside than it is to draw it outside!"

Blap was the step-out of the month for November 2023. If you would like to receive the step-out of the month before it is published in our blog, you can sign up here:

Step-out of the Month

Please feel welcome to share your artwork using Blap at any time on our Step-out of the Month Facebook page, where you can also see many other beautiful examples of artwork using this tangle. When you post on Instagram, Facebook or the Mosaic app please use these hashtags so we and others can find your work: #blap, #conzentric, #sootm #stepoutofthemonth.

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