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Step-out of the month for February 2023: JuKaJe

by Jennifer Hohensteiner, 28. February 2023

The step-out for Februar is JuKaJe and was deconstructed by Juliette Fiessinger.

Juliette discovered JuKeJe during a conversation with Katharina and me on the last day of ZenAgain 2022: the pattern was printed on the fabric of Katharina's top. The three of us admired the pattern and deemed it worthy of deconstruction. Juliette got right to work.

The result is not one, but two step-outs, and we are showing you both versions so you can choose the one that works better for you. JuKaJe's appearance reminds me of Flukes, but its structure is completely different. It's geometric, dramatic and very dimensional - I love it.

Since it was Katharina's top that provided the inspiration - and since I just happened to be there - Juliette used the first letters from our three names to name the tangle. I love that as well!

Juliette's tile below shows how shading makes JuKaJe a fascinating presence in black and white.

I also had fun playing with JuKaJe:

To help you better envision how JuKaJe came about, here on the left is a picture of Katharina, Juliette and me on the first day of zenAgain 2022. On the right you can see the fabric that inspired JuKaJe. And though the pattern on my top is also pretty cool, it was deconstructed long ago. In case you don't recognize it - it's Jonqal.

JukaJe was the stepout of the month for February 2023. If you would like to receive the step-out of the month before it is published in our blog, you can sign up here:

Step-out of the Month

Please feel welcome to share your artwork using JuKaJe at any time on our Step-out of the Month Facebook page , where you can also see many other beautiful examples of artwork using this tangle. When you post on Instagram, Facebook or the Mosaic app please use these hashtags so we and others can find your work: #JuKaJe, #conzentric, #sootm #stepoutofthemonth.

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