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Step-out of the month for April 2024: Waves of Depth 1

by , 01. May 2024

The step-out for April 2024 is waves of depth, a tangle deconstructed by Sunali Shah.

April's step-out was created during the CZT-Days 2024. Our theme for this event was "artful intelligence", and Katharina taught a workshop called "Artful meets Artificial". She asked Chat GPT to create a verbal step-out for a Zentangle pattern, and this is what Chat GPT came up with:

Title: "Waves of Depth"


Start with a horizontal line in the middle of your drawing surface.

Draw small circles along this line, with each circle spaced roughly equidistant from its neighbor.

Connect the circles in pairs with curved lines that gently curve upwards and downwards to create a wave-like structure.

Within each wave, add small semicircles to create the impression of light and shadow, with the concave sides shaded darker to achieve a 3D effect.

Repeat this process along the line, incorporating variations in the size and shape of the circles and waves to create dynamics and interest.

Shade the lower parts of each wave slightly to enhance the impression that they extend downwards and create depth.

This pattern, "Waves of Depth," plays with light and shadow to create an illusionary depth and draw the viewer into a world of motion and dynamism. It is simple enough to draw easily but also complex enough to be visually appealing. Enjoy experimenting with it!


We than had a lot of fun coming up with a pattern that would fit these steps. As you can imagine, there were many different versions, as this description leaves a lot of room for interpretation and creativity.

Sunali Shah's tangle was randomly chosen from all the online attendees. She gave her pattern the same name as Chat GPT: "Waves of Depth". Thank you, Sunali, for the step-out and for your lovely and fun interpretation!

Hashtags: #sootm #wavesofdepth

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