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October Step-out of the month: HeiZen

by Jennifer Hohensteiner, 01. November 2022

The step-out for October is HeiZen (Monopol).

It was deconstructed by Aida Rico and Pilar Pulido during our CZT Days at Hotel Monopol in Frankfurt. Aida tells the story of how the tangle was discovered and deconstructed:

"During our first afternoon at the hotel, I went to the bathroom and one thing caught my eye. It was a radiator cover, but for me it was a tangle... I took a picture and saved it to think about it later. 

"Last day, Pilar told me that she had found a tangle in the bathroom and showed me a picture… obviously it was the same object. So, when we went to the airport on Monday, in front of a cup of coffee and a bretzel, we did the Step Out. We decided to call it HeiZen (Monopol), to remember the hot days in Frankfurt."

And here is the picture Aida took of the radiator cover:

HeiZen was the stepout of the month for October 2022. If you would like to receive the step-out of the month before it is published in our blog, you can sign up here:

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Please feel welcome to share your artwork using HeiZen at any time on our Step-out of the Month Facebook page , where you can also see many other beautiful examples of artwork using this tangle. When you post on Instagram, Facebook or the Mosaic app please use these hashtags so we and others can find your work: #heizen, #conzentric, #sootm #stepoutofthemonth, #octobersootm.

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