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Holiday Greetings with the Zentangle Spinner

by Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb, 21. December 2018

Happy Holidays to all of you! We hope you enjoy this special season and maybe even find some peaceful hours for tangling amidst the holiday bustle. Maybe you also did Project Pack 04 and now have a freshly filled spinner in front of you, waiting to be put to use.

Putting the spinner to use

Of course I wanted to use my spinner right away in a class, and this led to an unexpected experience. I teach a weekly Zentangle class for children at a Montessori school. I took my spinner with me this week, and the kids caught on right away: spin the arrow and draw the tangle it lands on.

But what if you actually prefer a different tangle? In my class, it meant the arrow would keep getting spun around until it finally landed the desired tangle. And if this didn’t work, then we went ahead and drew the tangle our hearts desired. But even though we didn’t always follow the arrow’s bidding, the spinner still served wonderfully as a beautiful and inspiring collection of tangles. It was fun to search the spinner and select tangles from it – for me and the kids!

Adding German and English subtitles to the Project Pack #04 Videos

While adding German and English subtitles to videos, the three of us developed a special relationship to this project pack. To be honest, it was a lot of work and it often kept us at our computers until late at night. But it was fun, too, and your positive responses and appreciation truly made us happy.

Ela’s and Jennifer’s Spinner

Even though I have been practicing Zentangle for scuh a long time, it’s still always such a delightful surprise to see how different Zentangle drawings turn out. Here are Elas’s and Jennifer’s spinners.

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