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Do you totally love to tangle? Become a CZT!

by Jennifer Hohensteiner, 31. December 2020

You love to tangle – but is this enough of a reason to become a CZT? Yes, it is! We’ve put together four qestions. If you can answer one or more of these questions with yes, we heartily encourage you to attend CZT seminar and become a CZT.

Do you love to tangle?

I know I’m repeating myself – but this is the foundation. Because if you love to tangle, you will love the seminar experience and you will love being a CZT – even if you’re not sure you want to teach. Your tangling will be set on a solid foundation, and your inspiration will be given wings. As a CZT, opportunities to network and share inspiration with other CZTs both virtually and (one day soon we hope!) in real life will continue to enrich your tangling and the joy you get from it.

Do you want to teach the Zentangle Method?

You don’t have to be CZT to sit down and show your friends and family how to tangle using the Zentangle Method. But if you want to teach officially and earn money, you need to be certified. The CZT certificate is your admission ticket to teaching officially at art schools, libraries, community centers, art supply stores or any other institution that offers courses. It’s a meaningful quality seal to add to your online teaching classes, website, and all of your tangling activities.

Certification ensures that you really understand the the philosophy behind the method, and how to help students get the most out of it. At Seminar, you will also get lots of practical advice on teaching the Zentangle Method, access to resources, and concrete suggestions for different groups and types of classes.

Do you want to give yourself a treat?

So we agree you love to tangle, right? At the CZT seminar – even online – you will spend four wonderful days in the “Z-Dimension”. All things Zentangle, all day long! During Seminar, we tangle from start to finish, creating beautiful illustrations of everything you are learning. It’s like taking a vacation while at home – you exit your normal routine and habits and experience a virtual Zentangle immersion. You will enjoy every minute, and when you return to your daily life you do will so with fresh energy, eager to explore all kinds of new ideas.

Do you want to go into more depth?

Maybe you’ve noticed it for yourself – the Zentangle Method has benefits that go beyond the beautiful artwork you create. If you are interested in the bigger picture and why the Zentangle Method works so well – why it relaxes and reduces stress, why it increases creativity, positivity and well-being – and has even been known to reduce pain and change lives – you will gain many new insights during seminar. Things you have observed will come together, you’ll have new realizations, and your tangling will take on new meaining.

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