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December Step-out of the month: Magma Blossom

by Jennifer Hohensteiner, 01. January 2023

The step-out for December is Magma Blossom.

For the month of December, we were pleased to present the stepout for Magma Blossom, a tangle by Jennifer Hohensteiner (aka: me).

Magma Blossom is named after its inspiration - the tangle Magma by Margaret Bremner. The difference is that while Magma grows to fill a space from one end to another, Magma Blossom is a blossoming tangle that grows from a center. The distinguishing feature of both Magma and Magma Blossom is the change in direction of the auras, as shown in steps 3 and 5. After aura-ing the original curved line, a new line is drawn whose curves fall behind the waves of the first line. Then this line is aura-ed a few times, creating overlapping waves or layers.

Lnd here are a few more tiles using Magma Blossom. In the Phi Tile on the very right you can see it with Magma, as well as with Axlexa by Henrike Bratz and InSpiral by Tomás Padros.

Magma Blossom was the stepout of the month for December 2022. If you would like to receive the step-out of the month before it is published in our blog, you can sign up here:

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Please feel welcome to share your artwork using Magma Blossom at any time on our Step-out of the Month Facebook page , where you can also see many other beautiful examples of artwork using this tangle. When you post on Instagram, Facebook or the Mosaic app please use these hashtags so we and others can find your work: #magmablossom, #conzentric, #sootm #stepoutofthemonth.

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