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Conzentric Meeting at Ammersee

by Jennifer Hohensteiner, 12. January 2019

For Conzentric’s first business meeting in 2019, Ela and I travelled to Ammersee an Dießen, where Katharina lives. Katharina lives near Munich, Ela near Stuttgart and I live near Frankfurt, so we take turns hosting our monthly meetings at one of our homes. As I made my way south, the snow on the ground kept getting deeper. When I got off the train in Dießen, it was snowing, a phenomenon we haven’t seen in Frankfurt for a year and half.

Deeply immersed in my work.

There is always a lot to discuss and decide. This meeting started differently than our other meetings – we had the pleasure of conducting our first Zoom meeting with Molly Hollibaugh to go over the seminar curriculum. Other items on our agenda were our helpers during the seminar (we have found some great helpers, hurrah!), Social Media, sending out the welcome packages (yes, they’re coming soon!) stamps, stickers, and address labels.

In the face of all this work, we seem to always work up an appreciable appetite. We all enjoy good and healthy food, and our goal is to take a complete break from all work-related subjects during meals…..and sometimes we even succeed.

On our first day Katharina baked a quiche, and Ela brought a cake. Of course I did my share as well – I ate everything with great delight.

On our second day, after a delicious lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant, we took a walk around the Ammersee, a beautiful lake.

Something is apparently quite funny.

On her trip to Ammersee, Ela wanted to tangle, but how do you tangle when you’re on a bumpy train ride? Ela found an interesting solution. Instead of tangling with a Micron 01 on a normal Zentangle tile, she used the Micron PN pens with their somewhat wider, plastic nibs, and square pieces of hand-made paper. The Micron PNs worked perfectly on the rougher surface, and the train’s rattling and vibrating were no longer an issue. The tiles turned out beautifully, with the hand-made paper adding a striking touch.

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