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2020 CZT-Europe Seminars 2020, looking back at 2019

by Jennifer Hohensteiner, 28. January 2020

The year 2020 is now underway, which is a nice occasion to look both forward and back. What were last year’s main highlights, and what will the new year bring? For Conzentric, the second question is easy: this year will bring another two CZT-Europe Seminars!

2020 seminar in Frankfurt

16. – 19. April 2020
2. – 5. Oktober 2020

Certification and also a wonderful experience

We ask for written feedback after each seminar, and in these forms, our attendees have told us that in addition to being certified so that they can teach the Zentangle method to others, they especially enjoy the intense tangling experience and being able to meet and connect with other Zentangle enthusiasts.

These two things are connected of course. During class – many hours throughout the day – we tangle extensively and thoroughly (see above photo). And after class and during the breaks, attendees get to know each other personally, tell each other their tangling story, show their artwwrk and share knowledge and tips on techniques and material (see below photo). This is of course so interesting that many conversations that start in the evening last until late into to night!

Lively conversations while shopping and during breaks

As with both 2019 seminars, we expect people from all over the world at our 2020 seminars. We teach in German, but because everything is translated simultaneously into English, people from across Europe, and even from Asia, the Americas, and Africa can – and have – come to our seminars and follow everything.

Of course you will connect with others from your own culture and who speak the same language. These are valuable connections and they are particularly easy to pursue after seminar. But at CZT-Europe seminars you also have the lovely opportunity to personally get to know tanglers who come from other countries, some of which are very far away. The passion for Zentagle overcomes boundaries of country, culture and language with ease.

Partial schoalrship for a 2020 CZT-Europe Seminar

Perhaps you have already read about the opportunity of applying for a scholarship to help make attending the seminar easier. Conzentric is offering a partial scholarship for the 2020 seminars and we have extended the deadline for submitting applications – you can apply until February 6, 2020. Find the details here.

Looking back at 2019

Well, that was pretty exciting – first CZT-Europe seminars resulting in about 150 new CZTS, Rick and Maria as guest teachers both times, bringing Molly and Martha with them the second time, and concluding it all with a one-day CZT event with 100 CZTs from Europe and the world! 2019 was a very busy year for Conzentric – and a very wonderful year as well.

CZT-Day & Reunion in Le Meridien

Since I have already blogged about the CZT-Europe 1 and CZT -Europe 2 seminars, now I will share a bit about CZT-Day & Reunion.

This event was completely full far in advance, and requests kept coming in. So we were thrilled when we found a seminar location at the nearby Hotel Le Meridien that had room for over 100 people. We quickly decided to change locations, re-open registration for the event, and in the end we in fact had 100 attendees!

Our wonderful project for CZT-Day & Reunion was the “Zentangle Compass Rose”. I am sure you’ve seen some of these gorgous creations on an Opus tile in social media or on the Zentangle Mosaic App. Katharina and I also finished our compass roses:

Katharina’s compass rose on an ocean of deep blue
My compass rose with a golden ring

And what about Ela’s compass rose, you ask? Well, it accidentally got packed into a box that was shipped off to America! Seriously – these things can happen when packing up after a seminar with 100 participants and 7 teachers! Maybe it will resurface one day, or maybe Ela will tangle a new one, we’ll just have to see.

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