ByJennifer Hohensteiner Posted Apr 23, 2021

Thank you, Ela

Conzentric was founded in 2018 by three CZTs – Ela Rieger, Katharina Königsbauer and Jennifer Hohensteiner. Together, the three of us threw ourselves into the exciting project of bringing the CZT seminars to Europe. Now, after three years, four CZT-Europe seminars and one CZT Day & Reunion, Ela has left Conzentric for health reasons.

In this blog post, we want to express our gratitude to her.

Thank you for your beautiful Zentangle art and creativity

So much of the beautiful Zentangle artwork on our site, social media and in seminar was done by Ela.

This gorgeous fan first greeted seminar attendees at CZT-EU #3.

She penned the names on each certificate, created the individual nametags for attendees and staff, and designed the mosaics with “number” tiles that we include in the welcome package for attendees to tangle before seminar.

This mosaic with curvy “two’s” for CZT-EU #2 was particular fun because it created so many different metapatterns.

Thank you for fantastic ideas

Ela had many unique inspirations that have become permanent fixtures of the CZT-Europe seminars. To name just a few:

The Conzentric world map

After we opened registration for the first CZT-Europe seminar, registrations came in from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Hungary….and Hong Kong! Then New Zealand! Ela created this large map of the world, so we could display the countries represented at CZT-Europe seminars at each seminar.

This impressive world map (picture taken before CZT-EU#4) always attracts a lot of interest at our seminars..

Conzentric guest book

It was also Ela’s idea to have a guestbook for Conzentric. Maria and Rick graciously tangled the first two pages, and at our live seminars, we ask attendees add their own art and words. The guestbook is a true treasure.

Thank you for making the CZT-Europe seminars better

One thing attendees have told us repeatedly is that experiencing our very different and distinct personalities makes the seminar that much better. To take a quote from our feedback form:

“The most valuable part of the seminar: to experience the diversity of the trainers, and thus to understand ‘Zentangle’ better.”

Ela’s unique and unforgettable style of presenting different aspects of the Zentangle Method always stood out and was greatly enjoyed. Warm-hearted, passionate and full of colorful phrases – shading is “Musterschmusen” (cuddling with patterns), or referring to the elements of the tangle fescu as “kleine Scheißerchen” (little buggers) – she is a natural story teller. As one attendee said to me at CZT-EU #3: “I could listen to her for hours.”

Thank you for all your hard work

There are no pictures to represent much of the hard work she did, such as answering e-mails, creating excel tables, negotiating with hotels, recording invoices, reviewing payments, and troubleshooting technical problems. Planning CZT seminars demands a lot of organization, bookkeeping and administration, and Ela did a lot of it.

Thank you for fun times

It wasn’t all work, of course. We had fun behind the scenes, too. There were lovely meals, celebrations, and lots of laughter. For Ela and me, the days in Taiwan for ZenAgain Asia were undoubtedly a highlight. You can see Ela’s video about this trip here.

In her own words

Whatever Ela does, she does it with her whole heart. The mosaic she created for the CZT Day & Reunion, whose theme was “collaboration”, was very special. There was a slit cut along one side of central star so that the the corner of one tile could slide beneath the star of another.

This mosaic thus embodied “collaboration” on several levels. The words Ela composed on the occasion also apply to the collaboration between me, Ela and Katharina over the past three years. So I will end this post with Ela’s own words:


The mosaic is a work of art in which the star of each artist shines individually, but also contributes to the whole, making it shine even brighter. This means that even if one star fades for awhile, it is still brightened by the glow from the other stars.

If each tile is taken individually, the work consists of separate parts. But pieced together, the tiles create a larger picture that supports itself and sticks together.

In this way, this wonderful mosaic is an illustration of the individual and collaborative creativity of the Zentangle community.

ByJennifer Hohensteiner Posted Dec 31, 2020

Do you totally love to tangle? Become a CZT!

You love to tangle – but is this enough of a reason to become a CZT? Yes, it is! We’ve put together four qestions. If you can answer one or more of these questions with yes, we heartily encourage you to attend CZT seminar and become a CZT.

Do you love to tangle?

I know I’m repeating myself – but this is the foundation. Because if you love to tangle, you will love the seminar experience and you will love being a CZT – even if you’re not sure you want to teach. Your tangling will be set on a solid foundation, and your inspiration will be given wings. As a CZT, opportunities to network and share inspiration with other CZTs both virtually and (one day soon we hope!) in real life will continue to enrich your tangling and the joy you get from it.

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ByJennifer Hohensteiner Posted Dec 5, 2020

We are excited to be going online with CZT-EU #4

After organizing and teaching three CZT-Europe seminars in person, we are taking CZT-Europe #4 from March 18-21, 2021 online. This is of course due to the current global pandemic, but even if we are taking this step out of necessity, it offers unique and exciting opportunities.

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ByJennifer Hohensteiner Posted Oct 13, 2020

Welcome CZTs from CZT-Europe #3 !

The third European CZT Seminar from October 2 – 5 in Frankfurt was a unique seminar. It was originally planned for April 2020 – and then came the coronavirus crisis and the worldwide lockdown. As a result, we had a lot of attendees in October who had been waiting to be certified for quite a long time. But we also had attendees who joined us quite recently. Because coronavirus regulations continued to make it difficult to enter Germany from some regions abroad, there were still some seats to be had at short notice.

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ByJennifer Hohensteiner Posted Jan 28, 2020

2020 CZT-Europe Seminars 2020, looking back at 2019

The year 2020 is now underway, which is a nice occasion to look both forward and back. What were last year’s main highlights, and what will the new year bring? For Conzentric, the second question is easy: this year will bring another two CZT-Europe Seminars!

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ByJennifer Hohensteiner Posted Dec 8, 2019

Welcome, new CZTs from CZT-Europe #2!

We are delighted to welcome the new CZTs from the second CZT-Europe seminar to our worldwide Zentangle family! Seventy attendees from Europe and the world completed the seminar on November 30, and have returned home with fresh inspiration and their CZT certificates to apply what they learned in all kinds of different ways.

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ByJennifer Hohensteiner Posted Oct 20, 2019

With the worldwide Zentangle family at ZenAgainAsia 2019

Ela and I had the good fortune to travel to ZenAgain Asia in Taipei at the beginning of October. For four days, we tangled together with Rick and Maria, the Created with Love TEam, and over 70 CZTs from Asia.

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ByJennifer Hohensteiner Posted Sep 24, 2019

CZT-Day & Reunion open for registration (again)

We found a larger venue for CZT-Day & Reunion, right around the corner from “our” Hotel Monopol. This special day with Rick, Maria, Molly and Martha together with the Conzentric team is once again open for registration – so if you want to come, you can still get a seat.

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ByKatharina Königsbauer-Kolb Posted Sep 10, 2019

New scholarships for seminar #2 and the 2020 seminars

Full scholarship for CZT-EU #2 from Sakura Europe

We are thrilled that pen manufacturer Sakura Europe, represented by Royal Talens, has decided to award a full scholarship for CZT-Europe Seminar #2 covering all seminar costs including loddging in a single room (does not include travel costs).  Here you can find all informations and the application form for this scholarship. Follow Sakura Europe on Instagram and Facebook to get the most up-to-date information.

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ByJennifer Hohensteiner Posted May 21, 2019

Welcome CZTs from CZT-Europe 1

The first bilingual (German/English) CZT Semianr in Europe has taken place and the wonderful outcome is that there are now 79 new CZTs in Europe and the world.
HURRAH, and welcome! Do good things!….(And have fun!)

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